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Faster Than Spinach

Is it time for a beer yet?

Bus Stop Boxer
29 January
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Just your average middle-aged pervert and former computer programmer who is now working construction.
are you being served?, baseball, beer, big audio dynamite, bisexuality, black market clash, blake's 7, blues, boy/boy, building, carpentry, chaos, cheap cigarettes, chili, clerihews, conventions, corflu, csi, curry, dale earnhardt, disrespect for authority, dogs, dr who, drink, eels, elvis costello, exhibitionism, fanzines, fetish, fires, fishing, fms, food, football, foreplay, foursomes, gary sinise, gay, geena davis, gillian anderson, girl/girl, group sex, guinness, hammers, hank williams, henry fuseli, holman hunt, hot sauce, iain banks, ian anderson, infidelity, james bond, james joyce, james woods, jg ballard, jim beam, joe gibbs, joe strummer, john entwistle, john riggins, john sladek, jorja fox, justice, keith moon, kinky, kissing, legs, lesbian, licking, london calling, lust, marc almond, maryland, men, mick jones, mighty mighty bosstones, molesworth, monty python, movies, music, naked, nascar, new worlds, no underwear, novacon, oral sex, paul di filippo, paul simonon, perversion, pete townsend, piercing, politics, porn, power tools, private eye, rasslin, reading, red dwarf, red green, red hot chili peppers, redheads, redskins, roger daltrey, rudy rucker, samuel l jackson, sandinista, science fiction, sex, spices, star trek, steve earle, taff, tatiana milovani, tattoos, terry chimes, tgirls, the clash, the who, thievery, threesomes, tommy, tony stewart, topper headon, transexuals, transport tycoon, uncircumcised, wam, washington nationals, weapons, wet, whipped cream, whiskey, william blake, willie nelson, women, wwe