Hi! My name is Nic and I haven't posted on LJ for 114 days! (smattering of applause).

The trip journal is finally complete (since I upgraded the home office significantly). Until I get the website underway it will be available in print form RSN, and is available now as a PDF which I can email to anyone who likes, although be warned the file is a mildly honking 16.1MB - take that, Prolapse!

Off to Tennessee in an hour or so, see you later.

Trip Report vignette (Part 7 1/2)

"I'm going to make some toast in a minute", sez Eve.
"Well, you go right ahead then", I reply.
"You don't want any? I reckoned you wouldn't want a full breakfast..."

This is indeed true. Eve's concept of a "full" breakfast could also be termed "Feed The World".

"No, no", I say, "I'll just stick to beer and cigarettes". The coffee had been downed earlier during the writing of Part 7.

I am, as we used to say back in Sarf Lunnun, "suited and booted". My appearance and demeanor meet with Eve's approval.

"I have peppermints", she sez, ever thoughtful and kind.

'07 Trip II

I'll be arriving at Heathrow around noon on the 14th October. The funeral is the 16th, and I'll be returning the 22nd. Staying at John & Eve's again, probably.

Trip Journal: Addendum

Vera Betty Farey died on the morning of September 24, 2007, three days before her 86th birthday. She had been admitted to hospital the previous week suffering from a deep vein thrombosis. The last time I spoke to her is as recorded in my trip journal.

Rest in Peace, Mum, Dad's been waiting for you.